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Peter has invested in a variety of companies to date :-

  • P2P Lending enables people to lend money to people of companies and receive far greater returns (3% ~ 7%) than any UK savings account can. ZOPA is typically between 3% ~ 4.5% RoI and Funding Circle is between 6% ~ 7% RoI.

  • CrowdCube allows normal people to invest seed money into start-ups. They used to do bonds but seem to have stopped those now.

  • WiseAlpha lets normal people invest in companies like Formula One, Virgin Media and many other large corporations that normally wouldn't allow small investors in.

  • MBJ London are a WaaS (Web as a Service) company based in London. They raised investment via CrowdCube.

  • GRIND are a coffee retail outlet. They raised cash by selling mini-bonds via CrowdCube. The return was 8% per year for 4 years.

  • Sugru was a special Mouldable glue used to repair things like cables, as an adhesive or everyday fixing, including like-new invisible repairs, and making improvements around the home. They were bought out in 2018.

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